All these piggies need to go to the gym!

What’s Appening!

Vine is a new app for the iPhone that I’ve seen popping up on peoples Twitter and Facebook pages. I’m not quite sure what it’s useful for but like any app I suppose it’s just fun to play with. Doug uses it to show off his special skills.

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Great Scott

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Great Scott! dot Problems turns 3 years old today! Yeah! Who’da thunk it?

Prometheus comes out tomorrow and I can’t wait to see it! Ridley Scott announced that he’s going to do a sequel to Blade Runner (which is also awesome) and that led me to wonder what other movies he might revisit. For the record, I’m totally hoping for a Legend prequel/sequel. Seriously.

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April Fool

First off, this is NOT a joke. Well it kinda is but it’s not an “April Fool’s” joke. Michael Bay announced that they will be rebooting the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as aliens. Yup, aliens. This caused quite a backlash on the Internet for all of us that grew up with the “classic” TMNT comics, cartoons and live action movies. Bay tried to back peddle a bit saying it stays true to the source material but I guess we will see. As for Total Recall, it seems it will not take place on Mars much to the dismay of most of us. Who knows maybe they are saving the Mars stuff as a surprise. It would be nice not to know every single spoiler. Go ninja, go ninja, GO!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

This year St. Patrick’s Day falls on the same weekend as WonderCon! This year it’s in Anaheim, right down the street from me so I’ll be there! I still have some Dot Problems magnets so if you want one, find me! I’m bringing my girlfriend and her nephews and this will be the boys very first comic-con! I can’t wait to see their faces!

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Titanic Mistake

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I really wanted to post a Valentine’s Day themed strip but couldn’t think of the right one until this image popped into my head. I still get shivers. Anyway, I hope you all have a great Valentine’s Day with your loved one, cyber sweetheart or stalkee!


Thanksgiving already? Time flies. Doug forgot to invite anybody to his Thanksgiving dinner but that probably won’t stop him from eating it all.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Halloweenie: Part Duh

First off I apologize to anyone who is offended by this strip. I meant no ill will, the idea came from a friend of mine who is known to come to Halloween parties dressed as a famous person who recently died, was injured or had something terrible happen to them. His past costumes have been Princess Di post crash, Michael Jackson with children attached to him and Siegfried (or was it Roy) post tiger attack just to give you an idea. After last years comic strip I figured Doug had that same mentality so he upped the ante with a Dan Wheldon costume. I think the other option he would have went with was Steve Jobs. Again, sorry.

Happy Halloween!

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Reality Bytes

After taking a week off for vacation, coming back to reality was a bit hard. I think I’m STILL on island time. I’ve been playing Dead Island for the XBOX and it brings me back to the resort we stayed at…well minus the zombie-pacolpyse. For Doug all it means is coming home to a stable Internet connection and liberally applying aloe vera occasionally.