This strip was supposed to be done after I saw Terminator Salvation (as well as rewatching T1-T3) but thanks to work I haven’t had the time to do squat. Anyway, after watching Terminator Salvation one thought kept running through my head. This strip is that thought. Enjoy!


It was sad that the week I was on vacation visiting my family in June there were so many celebrity deaths. It seems they have been adding up lately. I’m really sad that Billy Mays is gone out of all of them. Don’t get me wrong it’s a tragedy that the others passed but due […]

Hygiene is a Must

The San Diego Comic-Con is HERE! So dust off your Stormtrooper helmet and leave your hygiene at the door!! I’ve gone to Comic-Con for about 10 years now and it STILL amazes me that people are not aware of how bad they smell. As you walk down an aisle looking for some new pirated Hentai, […]

The Usual Suspects

Comic-Con has been over for a while now but I couldn’t help but continue to think about the crowd of people that was there. I noticed that it seems to have the same “types” of people walking around and thought it would be funny to draw them. Next time you are at a comic convention, […]

Things We Can Do Without

This strip was inspired by some things I’ve noticed while out in the “real world.” Women hiding their faces with oversized sunglasses, guys dressed to the 9’s with Ed Hardy gear and most importantly “Bluedouches.” These are people who use their Bluetooth without regard for anyone else in their vicinity. Ever been in line at […]