And a Fair to Remember

After going to the OC Fair here and then Musikfest on the east coast I was inundated with deep fried foods. Most of them are great but some just sound horrifying. My cholesterol must have gone up 1000 percent last month. Good thing these events come around only once a year. Lipitor and veggies here I come!!

Jersey Bore

The Jersey Shore comes back on July 29th. That day also happens to be my birthday. Oh yeah and I’m also from New Jersey. Thank you MTV? The show really is a train wreck but you HAVE to keep watching. Most of it takes place on the beach I used to go to every summer as a kid and it’s cool seeing the boardwalk I so fondly remember. Going there now to see fist-pumping gorillas decked out in Ed Hardy gear, not so much. Oh well, I’ll always have the Sawmill (best pizza on the boardwalk!).

Wrath of Con

It’s that time again! San Diego Comic Con! This year I’ll be going the entire weekend and can’t wait to introduce my girlfriend to the experience. I think she’ll dig it…at first. Then the lines, rude people and smells will become overwhelming. But hey, that’s just Comic Con. I love it!

On a side note I realized that until now I had NEVER drawn a Klingon or Stormtrooper before (or Dalek for that matter).

Oh and if you’re visiting this page because I met you at Comic Con, thanks for checking it out! Feel free to drop me a Tweet @dotproblems!

Disastrous Relief

Ok, last month was a bust for new strips but I already have another one planned for this month. This is what happens when you send slackers to clean up a gigantic mess. I can’t believe it’s still going on! Isn’t Kevin Costner going to fix this already?

Lost and Found

Two of my favorite shows have ended for good. Lost and 24. That begs the question, what is there to watch now? Lost was something new that we had never seen before and 24 broke the mold with its “real time” format. I’m not a huge fan of reality TV so hopefully the networks can come up with something new and innovative. If British TV can do it why can’t we?

BONUS alternate punchline panel! Click HERE to see it!

Really Lost

I’m a huge Lost fan and was really disappointed when most of the lower right screen was covered with an ABC logo and a “V” countdown clock the entire episode. Not only did it ruin the flow of the show but it got in the way of a very heavily subtitled episode. It makes me wonder if the network even THINKS about things like this? Is there a reason networks still plaster their logo everywhere? With the advent of the guide on most cable systems we know what channel we are watching. It seems outdated. My comic strip is just a glimpse of the future…

Catching Up

Over the last few weeks I’ve had some ideas for comic strips but not the time to do them. This strip is my way of catching up on current events. For the first time EVER there is a 4th BONUS panel! Click HERE to see it!


I plan on getting a MacBook Pro soon (my first Mac!) and was looking to expand my Apple family with the iPad. I waited for the announcement like everyone else. At first I thought it was the coolest thing! It suited my needs perfectly. I would be able to listen to music, watch movies, go on the Internet, download books and send e-mail without a bulky computer. Then I read it does not have multi-tasking. Really? THAT was a dealbreaker. I am a multi-tasker. I want to be able to IM, read e-mail and listen to music at the same time. Get on that Apple!

Left 4 Doug

This strip was intended to be completed before the holidays but thanks to work and an outdated computer I wasn’t able to do it. It was reworked a bit to work post X-Mas so I hope it still works. Anyway, after playing Left 4 Dead 2 I went to sleep and had some strange dreams with zombies of all kinds. The game is lots of fun but I recommend playing during the day. 😉

Jury Duty

I got a Jury Duty notice in June which I rescheduled until November due to work. Luckily I was able to get out of it due to my work schedule and the poor economy. I wasn’t so lucky last year when I had to serve for a week. I don’t know anybody who actually looks forward to Jury Duty. They should just let the elderly serve. They have nothing else to do anyway. This strip was inspired by some of the lame excuses I have heard while in the jury selection process.