Going Postal

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San Diego Comic-Con is soon approaching! This year I was able to book a GREAT hotel and am looking forward to all the fun! Even my girlfriend is excited! I’ve been thinking of some cool promotional items that I could do for Dot Problems and finally it hit me. Postcards! I was originally going to design one that featured Doug falling with the logo following on a white back ground into darkness or something. I drew the image and never finished it. It just wasn’t right. Why would someone pick it up and actually KEEP it? They wouldn’t. Then I thought of all those “Greetings From” type postcards and WHAMMO, jackpot! So I researched some old school designs and decided to create one based solely on SDCC. Not only will it be a cool promo item but you can actually USE it! Yes if you want to you can mail it! Or if you find me at SDCC I’ll sketch on the back or write a note to your loved one or friend. Either way it’s a win-win!! I’ll be bringing a bunch with me to SDCC to give out or just leave at random hotels and bars. Maybe next year I’ll get an Artist Alley table. Who knows. I just want to keep being creative and have a blast doing it.