Hygiene is a Must

The San Diego Comic-Con is HERE! So dust off your Stormtrooper helmet and leave your hygiene at the door!! I’ve gone to Comic-Con for about 10 years now and it STILL amazes me that people are not aware of how bad they smell. As you walk down an aisle looking for some new pirated Hentai, a smell creeps up and hits you in the face. A friend of mine calls them “Con Hits.” It’s generally a mix of cabbage, wet dog, and sadness. Since Comic-Con is now so popular the convention center is packed with people and some rows bottleneck so you have no choice but to stand there and breathe it in. Well aside from that I can’t wait to go see old friends, pick up sketchbooks from independent artists, and maybe buy some comic art. If I’m REALLY lucky maybe the guys at Aspen will let me meet Megan Fox…..