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Category: 2018

  • Into the Doug-Verse

    Comic inspired by the new Spider-Man movie obvs. 🕷Doug meets his webcomic counterparts. Do you know all the references?   New comics will be posted on my Instagram account first! Please give me a follow @dotproblems! Read more

  • Dismayed Land

    So, um, James Gunn. Yeah.   Trying something a bit different now. My comics will be posted on my Instagram account with each panel being “swipeable.” I think that may help the jokes land a bit better since you can’t see it coming but who knows. Let me know what you think via Twitter or… Read more

  • Preparation Hall H

    Yup another strip about a cartoon reboot but that’s not important*. What IS important is that San Diego Comic-Con is upon us! And while I can’t go all week like I used to I WILL be there Saturday and Sunday! I can’t wait! I may even have some art/sticker drops. Follow my story on Instagram… Read more

  • Doug: Bore

    Today marks the 9th anniversary of dot Problems! That’s crazy! I know I haven’t updated in a while but fatherhood can do that to you. I hope to update more often and keep creating new stuff for you all to see! Just stick with me. Oh yeah, don’t worry. I haven’t rebooted my comic strip… Read more