Do you see it too?

Déjà Vu

Let me preface this by saying Gary Oldman is a GREAT actor and among my favorites. True Romance, The Professional and The Fifth Element are EXCELLENT! It just seems that now Gary Oldman is in the same boat as Morgan Freeman just playing himself more or less. In the last few movies I saw him in he looked like he walked off the set, changed clothes and went right to the next movie. I think wearing glasses may be in his contract. Here’s hoping that another character like Drexl Spivey is in his future.

Yup, this happened. Minus the explosions.

Just Married!

Yup, I got married today. Updates to dot Problems may be spotty due to Comic-Con, a honeymoon, etc. Follow me on my social networks as I always post art there too!!

Was is just me?


This was one of the things that really annoyed me about Amazing Spider-Man 2 besides the overacting by Paul Giamatti and that creepy stereotypical German scientist dude. While watching, I had quite a few flashbacks to Shumacher’s “Batman and Robin.” The movie felt rushed and characters were crammed into it just to appease the fans. Once again the studio has NO idea what makes a good Green Goblin. I think the box office drop off is a good indication that this franchise needs to be squashed.


Happy 5th Anniversary to dot Problems!

American Idle

Being laid off is definitely a shock to the system. We all deal with it differently. Doug builds a couch nest, eats pizza, drinks beer, watches DVD box sets of Stargate SG1 and forgets to shower.

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Been there, done that...


Well, 2014 isn’t starting off too well for Doug. What will he do next???

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