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David G. Wagner was born and raised in New Jersey. After his escape over ten years ago, he now resides in Southern California with his wife Maria where he writes and draws the webcomics “dot Problems” and “Fight Scene.” In his spare time he writes the web series “Roomies!”, drinks beer and watches Doctor Who. You can follow all of his social networks at www.dotproblems.com and read Fight Scene at www.eatgeekplay.com.

About this strip:

I created this strip as an outlet for my creativity. Pop culture, current events and whatever happens in day to day life are all subject to appear here. Since it’s creation in 2009, dot Problems has led me to meet a ton of cool artists, participate in gallery showings and draw more than I ever have before! For me, it’s just fun! So please keep reading and share my site with all your friends!

How I work:

  • First I think of an idea and let it fester in my head until I think it’s ready.
  • Then I print out my custom blueline layout template at 30% opacity on 8 1/2″x 11″ paper.
  • I sketch where I want all the figures and word balloons.
  • I scan the paper into Photoshop at 100% and place it in the template I created for the strip (at 300 dpi).*
  • The scan is then set at 30% opacity to be used as a guide for inking.
  • Then I use my trusty Wacom Intuos3 tablet and a brush set at 30 pixels hard, 1% spacing and pressure sensitivity turned on and “ink” the strip on a new layer.
  • The colors are added on another layer set to Multiply.
  • I used the shape and pen tool with a stroke effect to make the word balloons and add the text.
  • I save the file as a flat tif then resize it for the web and “save for web.”
  • The end! (check out my new YouTube page for drawing/inking videos!)
*Occasionally I ink the strip traditionally with a pilot brush pen.

You can contact me at: dave AT dotproblems DOT com.