The perfect storm!

Happy Nerd Year

2015 is going to be a GREAT year for movies! My personal top 3 are Avengers 2, Jurassic World and Star Wars! We also get a new Mad Max, Terminator, Fast and Furious, Mission: Impossible and Ant-Man!! What movie are YOU dying to see? Let me know on Twitter!

This comic was colored with Copic Markers (instead of the usual Photoshop).

Do you see it too?

Déjà Vu

Let me preface this by saying Gary Oldman is a GREAT actor and among my favorites. True Romance, The Professional and The Fifth Element are EXCELLENT! It just seems that now Gary Oldman is in the same boat as Morgan Freeman just playing himself more or less. In the last few movies I saw him in he looked like he walked off the set, changed clothes and went right to the next movie. I think wearing glasses may be in his contract. Here’s hoping that another character like Drexl Spivey is in his future.

Been there, done that...


Well, 2014 isn’t starting off too well for Doug. What will he do next???

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Wait until hear hears about "Batfleck!"


Unlike Doug I had a very busy Summer. Comic-Con, my birthday, a trip to Wisconsin, and a Gallery showing (and another on the way)! It was non-stop so I wasn’t able to draw/post a new strip until now. The bad side was no dot Problems updates, the good side is that I’ve been drawing more now than ever! Even painted a bit!! So please follow me on Facebook to check out the other art and stuff I’m doing!

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The Internet has recently exploded with the announcement that Disney was planning on making stand alone Star Wars movies featuring Boba Fett and Han Solo. There was also speculation that there would be Yoda and Darth Maul movies as well. Personally I think it’s a great idea to expand the Star Wars universe and the possibility of other non-episode Star Wars movies is exciting! Let’s just hope they don’t go TOO far back into the characters origins. That idea is what inspired this comic strip. We already had a young Anakin Skywalker saying “Wizard!” Do we need that again? A Han Solo movie where he’s in his early 20’s could be really cool! If you’ve been keeping up with the Clone Wars series on Cartoon Network you also know stories about the Star Wars criminal underworld could be awesome!


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