The perfect storm!

Happy Nerd Year

2015 is going to be a GREAT year for movies! My personal top 3 are Avengers 2, Jurassic World and Star Wars! We also get a new Mad Max, Terminator, Fast and Furious, Mission: Impossible and Ant-Man!! What movie are YOU dying to see? Let me know on Twitter!

This comic was colored with Copic Markers (instead of the usual Photoshop).

Do you see it too?

Déjà Vu

Let me preface this by saying Gary Oldman is a GREAT actor and among my favorites. True Romance, The Professional and The Fifth Element are EXCELLENT! It just seems that now Gary Oldman is in the same boat as Morgan Freeman just playing himself more or less. In the last few movies I saw him in he looked like he walked off the set, changed clothes and went right to the next movie. I think wearing glasses may be in his contract. Here’s hoping that another character like Drexl Spivey is in his future.

On the plus side, Doug was able to view all of his "Watch Later" videos on YouTube.

American Idle

Being laid off is definitely a shock to the system. We all deal with it differently. Doug builds a couch nest, eats pizza, drinks beer, watches DVD box sets of Stargate SG1 and forgets to shower.

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Been there, done that...


Well, 2014 isn’t starting off too well for Doug. What will he do next???

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I’ll be honest; I had NO idea what Krampus was. I originally heard about it through the Venture Brothers cartoon but thought it was something THEY made up. I had no idea it was actual folklore! I’m guessing the Coca-Cola corporation didn’t really want to market a demon so they went with Santa. Good call Coke. Anyway, I hope you enjoy your holiday, whichever one that may be!

Happy Holidays!





When it was announced that Hostess was going out of business people freaked out and Twinkies started selling on eBay for crazy prices. This was Doug’s reaction. Personally I think some smart company will buy Hostess to keep feeding us that glorious, yellow, high fructose corn syrup treat! Not that we need it…

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