Know them all?

Into the Doug-Verse

Comic inspired by the new Spider-Man movie obvs. 🕷Doug meets his webcomic counterparts. Do you know all the references?


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Behindsight is 20/20

Dismayed Land

So, um, James Gunn. Yeah.


Trying something a bit different now. My comics will be posted on my Instagram account with each panel being “swipeable.” I think that may help the jokes land a bit better since you can’t see it coming but who knows. Let me know what you think via Twitter or in the Instagram comments of the strip. Thanks!

There are just some itches you HAVE to scratch!

Preparation Hall H

Yup another strip about a cartoon reboot but that’s not important*. What IS important is that San Diego Comic-Con is upon us! And while I can’t go all week like I used to I WILL be there Saturday and Sunday! I can’t wait! I may even have some art/sticker drops. Follow my story on Instagram for clues!


*To be honest, I never watched She-Ra so I don’t care that they rebooted it. Actually I’m hoping it has a good, positive message so that my 3 year old daughter will enjoy it.
Prepare for more fart jokes!

Doug: Bore

Today marks the 9th anniversary of dot Problems!

That’s crazy! I know I haven’t updated in a while but fatherhood can do that to you. I hope to update more often and keep creating new stuff for you all to see! Just stick with me.

Oh yeah, don’t worry. I haven’t rebooted my comic strip for a younger audience. It’s only a joke.

Thrawn/Ysalamiri 2016

Vote Thrawn

Ever since they announced Grand Admiral Thrawn would be part of the official Star Wars universe, this image popped into my head. I have NO idea how politics works in that universe but I’m sure a Gungan has something to do with all the bad decision making. Anyway in the current state of politics, there could be WORSE choices I suppose…


Buy the Thrawn propaganda poster as a T-Shirt here:



Doug can count! Up to 10 at least...

Lucky 7

On this day 7 years ago, dot Problems was born! Wow, time flies. So far 2016 has been a bust on comic updates but having a baby will do that. I’m just starting to figure out how to get some art time in when baby naps. So stay tuned for more!